About Siroccopay
In our work, we combine comprehensive financial solutions and modern mobile technology.
Who we are
Sirocco Pay is a fintech start-up, operating in the international market of remittance services. As a financial supermarket, Sirocco Pay provides consumers with safe, fast and inexpensive services.

Our mission is to deliver the most affordable financial services to the least served people. Our users work hard to earn their money - we believe they don't have to carry an extra effort to support their families.

Mobile money services, accessible to all.
Speedy. Simple. Secure.

Sirocco strategy in 2019 is aiming to reach and develop its activity in 12 countries: Nigeria, Togo,Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Jamaica, Guinea Conakry, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal, Peru
What we'll do in 2019
What we'll do in 2020
We are planning to expand our activities to: Argrentina, Mali, Uganda, Colombia, Ghana, Brazil, Burundi
What we'll do in 2021
We are planning to start our business in: Chile, Mali, India
What we'll do in 2022
Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Philippines
Our roadmap