Siroccopay for corporate clients
Sirocco is a business supporter and we realize the needs of our business clients
we provide you with a dedicated account manager on every step on the cooperation
we guarantee you competitive rates and no hidden fees or charges
Honesty and integrity
Service and support
Effective cost
Why Use Sirocco?
We offer you a convenient tool to ensure that your obligations to suppliers, partners and employees will be swift and securely paid

How you can use Siroccopay

money transfers
Save on our favorable fees each time you transfer money to your supliers.
For all our clients we provide the best market exchange rates.
We ensure that you can make secure, cost-effective and real-time payments to your suppliers globally.
We offer very competitive rates on currency conversions.You'll pay less, each time you send money and reduce the fee by transferring a larger amount.
Sirocco business account comes with a contactless debit card supported in-app with a current account for your registered entities.
Virtual Supplier Payments
Multy-currency accounts
Business Debit Cards
Our business services
We offer several options for your company development.
If you do not find the suitable choice, we are ready to meet and discuss how we can help.
We will provide an virtual IBAN number issued to your company. You send it to clients and will be able to receive money by bank transfer in EUR, GBP or USD.

Recieve money from your buyers for goods and services directly trough your site. All information about payments and commissions will be available in your personal account.
Virtual IBAN
Merchant services
What will you get?

Security is our highest priority, and we work hard to make our service as safe as possible. We regularly scan for threat and back up data to make sure it's always safe.
Time and money savings
You'll enjoy the features of Sirocco:
  • set up in minutes
  • payments avalabe from anywhere, any time with iOS and Android apps
  • repeating transfers to existing recipients can be done in just a few clicks
  • lower rates and fees allow you to get the service cost you want
Customer support
We offer fast and convenient access to customer support by phone, email and live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.