Meeting the Needs of African Diaspora

The hard truth about remittance
The major development problem of the existing remittance market is that the highest price of international transfers is held in the African direction – the world's poorest region.
According to the World Bank, the average fees charged for transferring remittances to Africa are 9.5 %. This is at least 20% higher than the cost for an international money transfer to any other region.
On the other hand, African Remitters around the World need more than just random transfers to distinguish themselves as good family members; the greatest importance lies in the possibility to stay in touch with their families and improve the economic situation by remitting funds to their families.
High-quality secure services, consistently provided at low-cost fees, will give African Diaspora members the necessary tools to build a stronger link with the development of their home countries. By making payments and transfer services more affordable and accessible, we strive to help more children to be able to attend school, more elderly people to receive proper medical treatment and more families to be able to pay their bills.
We welcome all the members of African Diaspora as our clients!