Planing to send money from the UK to Nigeria?

It is Easy If You Do It Smart.
Choose a transfer exchange rate of British Pound to Naira wisely

Nigeria is recognized as one of the 10 leading economies in Africa in 2018.
However, the Nigerian economy still depends on stable currencies, such as US dollars, GB pounds sterling or euros, which creates a situation where there are two exchange rates in the Nigerian market: the official exchange rate and the parallel market rate that is much higher. In this regard, it is important to compare the exchange rates provided by money transfer operators before sending money to Nigeria. They should be as close to the parallel market rate as possible. Thus, your recipient in Nigeria will receive much more Naira for the same amount in dollars, pounds or euros.

While making a money transfer to Nigeria, consider the convenience for the recipient

As a rule, when choosing a money transfer operator, the sender takes into account a good deal for sending money to Nigeria, but in fact, an equally important reason for the successful money transfer to Nigeria is availability and security for the recipient.

The most convenient way to transfer money to Nigeria is to use specialized money transfer operators, who offer low-cost fees for transferring money to Nigeria as well as are available to the recipients. Regardless of whether they want to receive money only as a mobile deposit on their smartphone or are ready to pick them up at cash withdrawal points in major cities.

Find the most favorable options, available for people who want to send money to Nigeria from the UK
Compared to banks or large MTOs, which often charge a large percentage for sending money from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, you can get the lowest commission with a favourable exchange rate when sending money to Nigeria using mobile applications, such as Siroccopay. We do not have such expenses as the large financial institutions, and we can pass these savings to our consumers.